My new teacher Leonid Afremov

Crazy art experience

You know what the best thing about art is? Freedom. Nobody tells you what to do, how or when. Let’s speak about ‘how’. I’ve tried lots of materials and techniques. You may raise your eyebrows right now:

  1. Cigarette butts for making sculptures. The result looks good but smells bad. If you don’t smoke, you’ll have to ask somebody to collect butts for you. If not, dare diging in trash bins.
  2. M&M’s mantelpiece. It’s always a temptation to put one into your mouth. Sweet colorful candies so close at hand. But seriously, your table is going to look stylish.
  3. A chair made of drink straws. You’ll have to buy looots of them. No trees cut though. Put the chair at the M&M’s table so that it doesn’t feel so lonely.
  4. Painting by melting crayons. You’ll need a microwave for melting and a blow dryer to distribute paint over the canvas. Intrigued? This messy activity is in trend nowadays. Women, attention! You can make crayon-based cosmetics or candles.

Improving my skills

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like painting as it is. On the contrary! Everything depends on the artist: whether their work is boring or not, whether it appeals to the viewer or leaves them indifferent. I’ll give you an example of a painter whose canvases smile at you. Regardless of the weather depicted on them, they emit light. Leonid Afremov uses a special palette knife for mixing and applying oils. I watched a video where he explains how to do it. That’s so cool but requires lots of training! One false move and a tree branch turns into a trunk. It’s like a challenge for me because I’ve never painted with oils and have to learn using a palette knife.

‘Cause it’s witchcraft

There are many romantic cityscapes in Leonid Afremov’s collection. For instance, this magical, shimmering and melting painting here. The girl is walking along the park alley. She’s holding an umbrella to hide from rain drops and falling leaves. Three bright streetlamps illuminate her way through the night. There’s nothing to be afraid of even at this hour. You may not like rain but Leonid Afremov will make you fall in love with it. Be honest answering my question: have you ever seen such a sunny rain? Autumn by this artist is always kind and hospitable. And not only because of flame-colored foliage. A burst of vivid hues unfolds before your eyes and casts a spell on you. But don’t be scared – it’s white magic!:)

image (3)



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